Leading For Freedom

On October 3, 1993 in the most dangerous part of Mogadishu, Somalia the men of Task Force RANGER became involved in the most intense combat for American troops since the Vietnam War.

Streets of Mogadishu addresses not only this situation commonly referred to as Black Hawk Down,
but also the untold stories of that military engagement, the real events of Task Force RANGER combat operations from leadership to the negative impacts of political correctness on military decisions.
Specifically, the dire consequences resulting when military leaders base their decisions on political and popularity concerns over the success of the mission.

Colonel McKnight brings his experience to others through his presentation that provides a better understanding of the unparalleled commitment, and leadership required to be successful when executing operations in the most difficult and severe combat situations. Many key values associated with successful leadership are highlighted and referenced that relate to the commitment and leadership necessary to achieve mission success.

Streets of Mogadishu is the epitome of the best and worst of times for soldiers in combat. The numerous and unsurpassed acts of courage, bravery and heroism during those extraordinary hours on the 3rd and 4th of October 1993 will never be forgotten, nor the leadership, commitment, and dedication shown by those in Task Force RANGER. And most of all, let their actions always be a reminder of the sacrifice necessary to protect our liberties and freedoms and the special way of life of our great nation.
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